jueves, diciembre 05, 2002

X es rubio y de complexión atlética (es decir está cachas pero bien, no de esos que lo están demasiado).
Tiene los ojos azules y una sonrisa encantadora. Es un gran deportista. Es más joven que yo. Tiene más dinero que yo pese a que trabaja menos que yo.
De hecho no ha dado un palo al agua, siempre ha hecho lo que ha querido y, pese a ello o quizá gracias a ello, todo en la vida le ha ido muy bien.
Por todo esto le envidio. Por todo esto y porque además se ha ido.
El sueño que muchos tenemos; hacer un año sabático en un país extranjero como puede ser Australia, Nueva Zelanda o Hawai sin trabajar, tan sólo viajando o haciendo surf.

Lo curioso de todo es que yo no soy rubio, ni tengo los ojos azules ni una sonrisa encantadora. No soy un gran deportista y apenas tengo dinero pese a trabajar toda mi vida y estudiar la mayor parte de esta. Y lo curioso - decía - es que él me envidia.

X, te deso mucha suerte y espero verte pronto.
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Interesantísimo artículo aparecido en el Timesonline

En él se valora si Gaspart es un buen presidente.

Pasen y lean...

November 26, 2002

Gaspart is way off beam to put blame on Figo
Letter from Spain by Stephen Burgen

HIS club has won nothing under his stewardship, but Joan Gaspart, the Barcelona president, is well placed to win the gilipollas of the year award. Gilipollas (pronounced heely-poy-ass) is a wonderful word that means twit but seems to say so much more. Gaspart is gilipollas total.
Only a few weeks ago, he evoked the Corinthian ethos that it is not winning that counts and that Barcelona were “above all that”. Beyond all that, since he has been boss. As for the other half of the dictum, that what matters is how you play the game, well, let’s say there remains room for improvement at Camp Nou.

Barely had the derision subsided when Gaspart produced another pearl, declaring that Luis Figo was himself responsible for being bombarded with bottles, cigarette lighters and the head of a suckling pig during Saturday’s goalless draw with Barça, the club that he deserted for Real Madrid. “I’m not trying to justify what happened,” Gaspart said, proceeding to do precisely that. “The public were unjustifiably provoked and I will not allow anyone to provoke me in my own house.”

The provocation? Figo took the corners, as he usually does and as his manager so desires. Most of us would agree that it should be the manager who decides who takes the corners, not a bunch of about 200 hooligans in a crowd of 98,000 fans. Of course, Figo was being provocative, but that is all in the game. Throwing bottles at someone’s head is not.

Today, we will find out who is more powerful, FC Barcelona or the Spanish football federation, when the latter decides how to punish the club. As a postscript to the weekend’s unpleasantness, the brother of Patrick Kluivert, the Barcelona and Holland striker, was apparently among the missile-throwers and was arrested after allegedly punching a riot policeman.

For all the sound and fury, not even Gaspart can escape the fact that a goalless draw means that Real and Barça have failed to advance from respectively fourth and tenth position in La Primera Liga. At the bottom, Espanyol, with seven points and on their second manager of the season, look destined for the drop.

Things are looking grim for third-placed Valencia. Having lost Pablo Aimar, their inspirational midfield player, for six matches because of injury, now Kily González, his fellow Argentinian, is out for three months after suffering an injury late in the 2-0 win over Valladolid.

The surviving Valencianos face a tough Champions League match tomorrow at home to Ronald Koeman’s sparkling Ajax team. It gets serious this week, with Deportivo La Coruña at home to Juventus and Barça away to Bayer Leverkusen. But the heavyweight bout is at the San Siro, where Real Madrid take on AC Milan.

It should have been Ronaldo versus Rivaldo, but el fenómeno is poorly. He turned up for the Barça match holding hands with his Mum, announced that he had a temperature and went back to Madrid. All this “he’s just a big kid” stuff could start to wear thin, although if the replica Ronaldo shirts keep selling (200,000 in two months at a £4.5 million profit to Real), the bankers will not grumble.

This week sees the first Anglo-Spanish clash in the Uefa Cup, with Ell Tel’s lame Leeds United coming to the Costa del Sol to take on Málaga, who have enjoyed a resurgence over the past three seasons. In Glasgow, Celtic play host to Celta Vigo — a tough match for anyone with a lisp.

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miércoles, diciembre 04, 2002

Tener consciencia y memoria de tu nacimiento...

Te envidio disléxico!
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